Design and Construction

• Provide input to the architect, engineers and other design team members

• Contract with the architect and engineers if engaged early in the development process

• Attend all city and county approval meetings

• Create preliminary budgets for the total development and construction

• Provide turnkey construction from design to opening

• Work with all parties and Franchisor for required approvals

• Meet with Franchise inspectors on site

• Meet with bank inspectors during the course of the project

• Assist in expediting permitting approvals

• Create the invitation to bid and submit to all parties

• Review and evaluate all construction bids

• Maintain effective communication between all constructions participants

• Monitor and supervise the construction process

• Coordinate all low voltage requirements and contractors

• Review plans for value engineering opportunities

• Provide and recommend all equipment purchases

• Coordinate receiving, storage and installation of equipment and furniture

• Provide contractor with equipment specifications

• On site construction manager

• Prepare punch list and check for completion of all items

Design and Construction